C2Arts Presented at Theatre Bay Area Annual Conference

Theatre Bay Area's annual conference, held on May 10, 2010 featured Speed Coaching and Consulting by C2Arts associates and a session on working with consultants in the new economy.

C2Arts Sessions:

Consulting in the New Economy: C2Arts on How to Effectively Select and Work with Consultants
  • David Gluck
  • Amy Kweskin
  • Alan Levinson
  • Belinda Taylor
  • Margaret Southerland
  • Yesenia Sanchez

    the new economic realities, how can performing arts companies more effectively work with consultants? Are there new opportunities to increase revenue, lower costs and strengthen management? C2Arts is a collective of consultants and coaches who came together in 2009 to share best practices and provide affordable services to the Bay Area arts community. View the session agenda

Speed Coaching with C2Arts
C2Arts (a collective of consultants and coaches) offered15-minute speed coaching sessions on a variety of topics related to organizations or individual artists.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: New Business Models for Nonprofits
Closed session – trustees and their executive staff only. In our changing world, what can arts organizations do to be more proactive in financially securing our future?

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