C2Arts Partners with Foundation Center to Offer Speed Consulting

Networking Luncheon and Speed Consulting with Coaches and Consultants for the Arts (C2Arts)   

Thursday, October 14, 12:00-1:30pm, San Francisco

The Foundation Center and C2Arts invite you to a networking lunch during which C2Arts will offer 15-minute consulting sessions to leaders of nonprofit arts organizations. Since foundation grants and earned income are increasingly challenging to obtain; C2Arts is framing these speed consulting sessions around organizational capacity building to support development efforts.

In order to sign up for one of these free sessions please fill out the form below and send an email to Margaret Southerland margaret@spadvisors.com with the following information:
  1. Paragraph about the organization (mission, program, size of annual budget, and number of staff.)
  2. Choose three topics listed below, rank them in order of importance with a couple sentences describing the issue faced by your organization. C2Arts will match each organization with a consultant or coach for a 15-minute session.
    • Board of Directors: What is the role of the board in fundraising? How does an organization train and develop a good, hard-working board?
    • Crisis Intervention: Board and staff conflict resolution advice?
    • Financial Statements, Budgets, and Cash Flow Projections: How important are they in grant proposals or loan applications? Is your organization presenting itself properly? Does your board understand finance?
    • Fundraising Strategies: What works in this economy? Do major donors still exist? Is it worth your time to apply to a foundation for a grant? Do house parties make money?
    • Program Design and Effectiveness: How effective are your programs? Do you have too many? Is now a good time to launch a new one? What is meant by outcome measurement?
    • Executive Coaching or Succession Planning Advice? 

    Register at this link.