C2Arts Offers Speed Coaching and Planning Sessions at Theatre Bay Area 2016 Annual Conference

Monday, March 28, 2016
Berkeley Rep Theatre
Berkeley, CA 

Session 1: Building a Bridge from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be: How to Plan Successfully
Facilitated by John Alecca and Yesenia Sanchez

We all say want to be strategic about the decisions we make, but how do actually make space for planning, and more importantly stay connected to that great plan once you've made it? Join John Alecca & Yesenia Sanchez, from C2Arts, as they identify key components to building a bridge from where you are to where you want to be personally & professionally. This workshop will explore:

Laying the Foundation - What are the important first steps in creating your plan?
Building the Towers - What are the support structures that will hold your plan together?
Connecting the Span - How do you implement the plan?
Maintaining the Structure - How do you stay connected to your plan once it is in motion?"

Session 2: Succession Planning - Starting the Conversation
Facilitated by Amy Kweskin
When a founder, long-term administrator or board member is considering their next life or career step, or the topic is being discussed without them, succession planning is a complex topic. Can the organization continue? Can a successor be found? Is there a strong enough vision for the future? Can money be raised? How will audiences respond? What does it mean to let go? In this session we will take a compassionate approach to starting the succession planning conversation. 

Lunch Break 1:2:1 Speed Coaching
Featuring Yesenia Sanchez, John Alecca and Amy Kweskin
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