C2Arts Articles of Interest

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Funding Resources 


 Creative Capacity Fund

The Center for Cultural Innovation provides workshops, funding opportunities and resources for individual artists and those in the nonprofit arts sector.

Find out if you or your arts organization is eligible for the a grant from the Creative Capacity Fund's Quick Grant Program. Several of the Consultants and Coaches listed on this site offer service packages that may be eligible for funding reimbursement if you qualify, apply and are approved a grant from this program.

As of July 16, 2016, individual artists may receive up to $600 and arts organizations up to $1,200 ($600 per individual staff member and up to two staff members) in professional development reimbursement funds for activities that will build administrative and business skills. 

California Art Leaders Investments (CALI) Grants

 CCI, in collaboration with The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, created the California Art Leaders Investments (CALI) program to provide emerging California arts leaders with scholarships to practice leadership and enhance their professional skills. CALI Grants can be used to participate in national conferences, attend training workshops, work with consultants or coaches, and engage in resume-building activities that showcase one’s capacity to lead the arts sector.

Apply online by the 15th of any month to support activities taking place 60 days or more from the application deadline. You'll receive notification about your request by the 15th of the following month.

Arts Loan Fund

The Arts Loan Fund (ALF)
is a collaborative program of the members of
Northern California Grantmakers
, a regional association of grantmakers. It provides quick-turnaround, low-cost financial assistance to arts organizations located in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties.

It has loaned over $19 million in the past thirty years as a way to boost the sustainability and growth of nonprofit art and cultural organizations. Current loan products: Arts Education Loan, Secured Bridge Loan, Benefit or Performance Loan, New Revenue Loan, Quick Qualifier Loan and Unsecured Cash Flow Loan.

Questions about where to start? Contact C2Arts member, Margaret Southerland of Padma Consulting, who serves as consultant to the Arts Loan Fund.

Arts Loan Fund Application Deadlines 2017 

 Application Deadline    Decision Made   
 February 25, 2017          March 9, 2017
 March 27, 2017              April 13, 2017
 April 24, 2017                 May 11, 2017
 May 25, 2017                 June 8, 2017
 June 26, 2017                July 13, 2017
 July 24, 2017                 August 10, 2017
 August 28, 2017            September 14, 2017
 September 25, 2017      October 12, 2017
 October 30, 2017          November 9, 2017
 November 27, 2017      December 14, 2017

The Arts Loan Fund website has a great resources page for arts organizations with links to information on nonprofit displacement, workshops and webinars, funding opportunities and other useful tools and contacts.