About Us

Vision, Mission and Core Values



We envision a vibrant and healthy arts landscape that enlivens our communities.


To further the work of artists, arts organizations and communities through our ideas, leadership, advocacy and dialogue.

Core Values

In our work as arts consultants and coaches, we value creativity, transparency, diversity and accountability. We value the arts in our lives, in the lives of our communities and in society. We recognize that the arts contribute to understanding, clarity, compassion and a shaking up of our ideas about ourselves and the world. 

Our Community of Practice


Sharing Best Practices: The consultants and coaches listed on this site came together as a Community of Practice in August 2009 to share best practices and provide affordable services to the Bay Area arts community. We were further inspired by the opportunity to offer affordable services that linked with the Creative Capacity Fund professional development grants.

Any Size Project:As individual consultants, or in teams, we help small and large arts organizations (non-profits or for profit), individual artists, cultural institutions, funders and philanthropists, government agencies and multi-million dollar institutions, with one-time projects or extended engagements. In each case, we provide creative solutions customized for each client's needs.

Talk to Us:

We invite you to explore this site to read the profiles of member associates providing the services you need. If your project requires a team, any of our associates can help assemble the appropriate team for your project.

Interested in becoming a member of our Community of Practice? Send us an email: consultantsforthearts (at) gmail.com.  

C2Arts Partnerships

The intention of C2Arts is to partner with management service, funding and membership organizations. Recent partners have included:

Theatre Bay Area

Foundation Center Library - San Francisco

Emerging Arts Professionals

Center for Cultural Innovation